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"Every good movie has good scenes! And every good scene has memorable moments. So, after reading Allen and Paul Hopkins’ “ALLEN HOPKINS – LIFE OF POOL” book, I found many memorable stories that will make good movie scenes! For example: A little mesmerized boy wearing boots while playing pool in a flooded cellar and the humbling, but tasty, “mustard sandwiches” and many more. Therefore, I believe that the stories in the Allen Hopkins – Life of Pool book will, undoubtedly, make a good memorable movie!"
- Richard K, Author/Screenwriter

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" Great mini bio... I have been a Hopkins fan for years. There are few people in the hall of fame who deserve their spot more than he does. In fact if you were to divide his life into two halves he could have been inducted twice, once for being a champion player and then again for his contribution to the industry. This book was written by his brother Paul. In my opinion it provides a more complete insight into what made Allen a champion than you could get from a book written by a stranger. My main takeaway from this book is that it really takes a family to build a legend like Mr. Hopkins. "
- G. Williams

" What a unique look at the inside world of pool, and even more fascinating was being able to see the world through the Hopkins boys eyes and a bygone era. It is one of those books that once you get started you can't put down! This book has so many different memorable scenes that I would be very hard pressed to choose my favorite! You'll have tears of laughter rolling down your face remembering your own childhood if you are older than 50.

Very good job on the writing, being able to bring us back to simpler times was truly a treat Allen and Paul Hopkins! Thank you! "
- Lynn H.

" Reading a book is not something I do or enjoy very much. I couldn't put the book down! It drew me in. There are so many important life lessons that one can pick up on, in this book, that unfortunately are not taught in school / college, that I want my grandchildren to learn. I laughed so hard I had tears, when I read the part about the Ouija board. Thanks for all the insight and for the joy in reading a book! "
- "The Bronx Kid"

" Finished reading Allen Hopkins new book last night. I highly recommend it! I've known Allen for about 15 years and he's one of the most caring people I know. The book gave me an inside look at Hoppie's childhood and how he became the 8 time world champion we know today! The work ethic taught to him by his parents should be imitated by all parents who have young kids! "
- Marc S.

" Paul, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the book. It came in the mail today. I honestly stuck with it until I finished reading it. It really brought back so many memories. Thanks for telling the story, it would be great if we could get together sometime. "

" I enjoy reading celebrity memoirs, as well as "confidentials" that offer an insider's glimpse into the subject matter. "Life of Pool" by Allen and Paul Hopkins is the best of both worlds. The memoirs of a true celebrity and Hall of Fame pool player, with and an inside look into the world of professional pool. A thoroughly delightful, easy and fun read. Can't wait too see it on the big screen. "
- E. Stern

" Heartwarming story about the bond between two brothers, their family and their love for billiards. Truth is told as I was in the game room at college behind the locked doors when the local pool hustler had his clock cleaned and lost his lunch money. Great read. "
J Conley

" I read your book yesterday in about an hour. I couldn't put it down. You did a GREAT job on it!!! I truly enjoyed your stories and had many belly laughs reading it. I wish you much success with the sales. It is a treasure for our entire family and all those fans of the game of pool!️ "